Acre Angus Beef Farm

Acre Angus Beef Farmby Susan West
Roger Forrest has raised food animals all his life.

“I grew up in Vanceboro, North Carolina, and my father had Angus cattle. I started helping with the herd and with the pigs and chickens when I was only seven years old,” Roger says.

“I hid money I made from the cattle under a rug in our house and used it to buy my first car when I was in high school,” he continues, laughing over his parents’ surprise when they learned that money was stowed under their rug.

Today Roger and his wife Brenda raise their Black Angus cattle on a 500 acre farm in Plymouth, North Carolina. Darin Seamon assists with production and marketing.

The cattle at Acre Angus Beef Farm are pasture-raised, and grass-fed. No steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals are used in production.

The cattle are butchered at a Trenton, North Carolina company with a reputation for strong on-site animal inspections and a rigorous independent testing and sampling process.
Darin Seamon of Acre Angus Beef Farm
Three years ago, Acre Angus Beef Farm started selling their product directly to consumers at farmers’ markets.

“We enjoy the atmosphere at farmers’ markets and meeting our customers. The average consumer doesn’t have regular access to prime cuts,” Darin says.

Cuts offered by Acre Angus Beef Farm include ribeyes, New York strips, filet mignons, t-bones, roasts, stew beef, cube steaks, London broil, and hamburger.

The farm can accommodate custom requests.

For more information on Acre Angus Beef Farm, call Roger or Brenda at 252-927-4462, or visit the farm’s website at

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babbt landon August 8, 2010 at 8:52 pm

We saw you on Tues in Avon, NC. We were interested in getting a gift certificate for a friend. Please let me know if you offer these or if I can make an arrangement for someone who lives locally.

thank you, Babby Landon

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